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Know your customer - the foundation for your success

Accurately establishing the needs and values of your customer is a prerequisite for designing successful marketing strategies. It enables you to create a convincing message to your target group and provides insight regarding how to best position and differentiate your product within the market.

INVISO is recognized as a reliable partner in the area of decision and success-oriented marketing research and consulting.

In addition to our broad range of services and innovative technologies, we bring a high level of flexibility in our commitment to solving a wide range of various challenges. We carefully guide you along a path that guarantees the most accurate product and brand positioning for your company. Creating demand through consumer acceptance is key to success.

Addressing the multi-layered challenges our customers face is part of our everyday business. Whether tracking innovative ideas, testing existing finished concepts, measuring the effectiveness of print campaigns and TV spots or analyzing customer satisfaction levels - INVISO delivers information that enables you to make decisions that ensure success.

Through mutual dialogue we develop targeted and customized analysis concepts that meet your unique requirements. When the situation calls for it we can also provide you with reliable, solid building blocks that help to establish a basic marketing foundation. If the challenges you face are very unique we'll take a more creative approach in order to develop and build customized testing concepts.

Regardless if you select our standardized or customized solutions for your business - you can count on a reliable team of experienced, flexible and innovatively sound employees to deliver convincing and persuasive analysis results. Our high quality standards ensure that the information we provide to guarantee your success in the market is accurate.

We cooperate with a wide network of established partners on a regional, national and international level in order to manage local testing and data collection in markets where your products are most at work.

Innovative market research for successful strategies.