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INVISO - complete solutions from one source

INVISO is able to deliver a wide range of customized market research - whether you require comprehensive solutions from briefing to final presentation or simply would like for us to manage focus groups and product reviews at one of our testing facilities.

Our company structure reflects this flexible approach and operates across four key areas:


is your full-service provider. Our comprehensive methodologies enable us to address your challenges by using the best existing research tools possible. We track the scientific validity of our methods while simultaneously monitoring the efficiency and cost of each study.


supports you throughout the individual phases of research projects. If you're a marketing research professional or institute looking for a trusted cooperative partner that can provide you with the recruitment, coordination and implementation of your studies - we can provide that support on a regional, national and international level.


Our state-of-the-art standardized and controlled environment offers you a great location to administer informative sensory tests. Our work spans several consumer product groups including food and beverage, soft drinks, cosmetics, household cleaning and detergent products.


We are one of the few marketing research institutes that utilizes Eye Tracking to analyze a consumer's perceptual behavior. Observing and tracking how consumers visually process your product creates additional transparency and allows you to accurately measure and optimize the strength of your communication methods. We arrange and assign values to this behavioral data which allows you to track and significantly increase the efficiency of your marketing initiatives.

Whether you require support on a smaller scale or a full-service package - you'll greatly benefit from our comprehensive expertise.