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Our service spectrum

   You ask...   We respond by...
  • Who is my target customer and what are their needs?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • What future developments stand out in my market?
  • Where do my best opportunities lie?
  • What market potential can be generated?
  • Where are the gaps that aren't being filled?
  • providing a comprehensive description of the market structure through a combination of primary and secondary analyses.
  • defining customer segments.
  • presenting a clear explanation of your target group's needs and values.
  • offering guidance in formulating strategic questions.

   You ask...   We respond by...
  • Which product concepts have real market potential?
  • Which product features are crucial for my target group?
  • What new concepts and ideas will better differentiate me from my competitors?
  • providing an analysis of the acceptance and perception of new product concepts.
  • designing usability and handling tests.
  • administering sensory tests.
  • performing logo and name testing.

   You ask...   We respond by...
  • Which product features are worth improving from my target customer's point of view?
  • How can I increase overall sales of my product?
  • What other target customers can be additionally captured?
  • How do I successfully drive my product relaunch?
  • measuring customer satisfaction.
  • identifying the strengths and weaknesses of product features from the buyer's point of view.
  • ascertaining the potential of acquiring new customers.
  • optimizing the brand positioning.
  • measuring product recognition and image tracking.
  • performing product and packaging tests.
  • facilitating degustation and smell tests.
  • blueprinting of services.

   You ask...   We respond by...
  • Which sales channels allow me to best reach my customers?
  • Which pricing strategy offers the highest potential?
  • Which communication channels allow me to best reach my target group?
  • How can I optimize my communication approach?
  • How and where exactly should I place my product at POS or on the shelf?
  • measuring the perception and valuation of various forms of advertising.
  • providing objective analyses  - via Eye Tracking - of the impact that your advertising has on your customers.
  • running mystery shopper and simulated purchase experiences.
  • conducting POS research and shelf tests.
  • completing pricing increase and price sensitivity analyses.
  • evaluation of websites