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Research & Consult

Research & Consult - INVISO is your "all in one" partner for all of your marketing research needs. Take advantage of our comprehensive knowledge and decades of experience.

INVISO has mastered the tools of our trade which are tried-and-true qualitative and quantitative market research methods. Our approach is to apply the right combination of these tools to help you reach the results you want.

Let us create a complete and flexible package that improves how you analyze each of your relevant target groups within your B2B and B2C areas. We will take the information captured in these direct results and make concrete recommendations that will ensure your success in the market.

Our competence in methodologies encompasses not only quantitative but also qualitative approaches.


  • design and implement
  • compare and analyze
  • interpret and visualize
  • present and consult

INVISO is carefully focused on providing you optimal support in formulating your questions. Our close, one-on-one support and deep personal engagement with our clients enables us to create proposals based on modern and market focused research.

Our service portfolio contains research strategies that can be applied across the entire supply chain. We design a customized, thorough solution for each phase of the process after we've established a clear starting point and mutually identified your challenges.

Our service

Research that fits your needs - individualized and flexible.