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Professional sensory research with INVISO

Exploring all senses - under this motto we conduct tests for you in our sensory laboratory. The focus thereby is the human perception of differences in products.

Our sensory laboratory in detail

We are located centrally in Hanover and thus are conveniently accessible for visitors and product deliveries alike.

We offer:

  • 12 individual testing booths with laptops and internet access
  • Fully equiped test kitchen with identically structured appliances
  • Ample space for preparation as well as cooling and freezing facilities
  • Adjacent rooms for training and test instructions
  • Effective air conditioning and exhaust fans are maintaining a constant room temperature and odourless testing environment
  • Adjacent rooms for discussions and focus groups

Our approach

With the help of our consumer panel we find the answer to how your product can meet the expectations of customers and how it rates in the competitive environment.

We also offer establishing of and training for expert panels in order to achieve unique solutions to your sensorical challenges. This way we can show you how individual sensoric sensations play together in creating a new entity and are shaping the effect of your product.

Your advantages

Not only are we providing you with a modern environment for sensory testing, our facilities and services also allow for enhancement of your findings with a variety of qualitative and quantitavtive market research techniques, such as:

  • packaging and product placement tests, shop simulations
  • focus groups, creative workshops, and in-depth-interviewing
  • eye tracking and analysis of advertising effects

Our own team of experienced researchers is conducting recruitment in line with your needs for representative quotas and various target groups

In cooperation with reliable partners we can also offer conducting your tests beyond the borders of Hanover, nationally and  internationally.

Take a look at our sensory laboratory.