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Eyewatch & Media

The success of various communication methods is extremely dependent on the amount of visual stimulation and perception they create.

Whether it's a print campaign, television commercial, internet ad, POS or direct marketing - it is extremely critical that you quickly anchor your message into a customer's psyche who is increasingly bombarded with marketing signals. We utilize an analysis tool known as Eyewatch to better understand how effective your marketing channels are at achieving this.

Based on eye-tracking technology, Eyewatch examines valid stimuli, dominance and overall balance of the communication elements found in your message or product and provides clear insight into how they are all connected.

Depending on the testing situation we utilize two separate technologies when carrying out each test: the contact-free RED digital technology and the HED camera system that focuses on examining facial expressions.

Eyewatch analyzes information on how we perceive a product and the visual sequences we experience by way of a detailed heat map. It provides you with a guideline to follow in order to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing techniques.

Eye Tracking - efficiently optimizing marketing impact.



The POS:Profiler makes it possible for a test person to walk along a shelf of the original size in a virtual environment. This means that this particularly realistic form of test environment can be extended from an individual part of the shelf to the whole of the shelf; in this way, it is possible to obtain more extensive and more realistic results.



The POSTER:Profiler makes it possible for a test person to travel past various posters in a virtual environment in a way similar to the situation encountered on the Underground or in a train. This means that your poster can be realistically tested within a wide-ranging competitive environment. You will obtain detailed and, as a result of the standardised real situation, particularly valid information about the impact and effectiveness of your poster.

Driving Simulator

To test the impact of posters when driving a car we use our driving simulator.

And if this "virtual reality" environment isn't sufficient to answer very specific questions we can use our method also in total reality.